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For the past twenty years, Phelston Jones has been obsessed with creating images, and he has taken thousands of incredible photographs throughout the world.  His originality and uncanny knack for snapping the shutter at the decisive moment has been sought in Norway, Australia, South Korea ,Thailand and Hong Kong for magazines, books, CDs and billboards.  Specializing in the entertainment industry, he has captured the essence of household names from The Michael Jackson family, Charo, to Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, and the mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman.  His imagination for something unique for everyone never runs dry.

His interest in photography took seed decades ago when he studied in New York City at the School of Art and Design, and today he is an award-winning photographer (WPPI), and International Model Talent Association(IMTA).  A name you may recognize is Teyona, who, after being photographed by Phelston, became one of America’s Next Top Model winners.  His expertise is not limited to behind the camera; photoshop manipulation and graphics design are a mastered art that takes him well above his competition, enabling him to offer every available photographic service in his Las Vegas studio.   However, much of the magic he incorporates into his photographs often happens before the shutter is even tripped.

Phelston’s well-rounded portfolio is a culmination of decades of hard work and innovative solutions which truly give us insight into his unique 21st century vision.  You'll find only a fraction of his work at, which showcases his extensive artistic abilities in several facets, including advertising, events, and weddings.



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Palms Casino
Golden Nugget
Seigel Suites
Mt. Charleston Resort
Rumor Hotel
New York New York Casino
Turnberry Towers
Brenden Theatres
Artisan Hotel
Gold Spike Casino


Fashionberry Magazine
Whats On
Nevada Women
The Paper Magazine
AAV-Athletic Union
Vegas 24/7
Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine
Silkwinds (Airline Magazine)
Bar & Nightclub Magazine
Fun & Gaming Reno
Metro Woman LV
Las Vegas Now Magazine
D2 Magazine-Stockholm
Vegas Rated


Oscar Goodman
Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson Estate)
Don King Boxing Production
Kim Vo Salons (Mirage)
Bikram Yoga
Betti Page Outlets (Planet Hollywood)
Lange Cosmetics
Gazillion Bubble Toys
Kronos Works
Oquendo Medical Center
Cleveland Brain Clinic
IFL Boxing
IMTA International Model and Talent Association
RTL Television (Germany)
CES Tradeshows




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